Submissions open for 2024 Point & Shoot Exhibition

13 November 2023

Point & Shoot – Australian Veteran Photography Exhibition showcases career imagery and accompanying stories from Australian veterans to increase public awareness of the veteran experience.

Featuring images and accompanying stories sourced from veterans across the country, Point & Shoot aims to create conversation, understanding and connection.

The purpose of these exhibitions is not to display perfectly captured photos from professional photographers, but rather to share some moments frozen in time that those who serve our country thought were worth remembering.

Get involved and share your experiences.

Submissions are now open for 2024.

For further details, contact Mark Direen at

Click the images below to see some of the previous exhibitions on the Point & Shoot website.

2020 Exhibition

2021 Exhibition

2022 Exhibition

2023 Exhibition

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Stay Connected

With 7 Decades Of SASR Veterans

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