Pictured: Mark Direen.

TAS Representative for ASASA (VIC)

6 November 2023

ASASA VIC is delighted to have Mark Direen take up the role of our Tasmanian Representative to coordinate activities for the SASR veterans in the “TAS Chapter” of ASASA (VIC).

Mark writes:

As there are not many SASR veterans in Tassie, and due to all of the governance required these days, it is not practical to maintain a state branch of ASASA in Tasmania itself. This does not mean that we cannot be influential. We have all seen the impact individuals can have.

I live in Tassie and Victoria is the best branch for me to support. As SASR veterans living in Tassie, we can join with VIC as a Tassie sub-branch, enhancing the brotherhood of the Australian SAS Association nationally.

The mateship and connection I have with those I served alongside is important to me, but that’s not the only reason I believe in our Australian SAS Association (ASASA). Another motive for me to be an active member of the ASASA is that I am proud of my service and the service of my mates, and the ASASA is the best organisation to represent us.

I believe SASR veterans have given unique service to the nation. As we are few in number, united we stand a better chance of being heard post-service when lobbying the Australian government, other national or state bodies, or the general public. Whether our voice is in support of our colleagues, or for the continued good of the country, we have a lot to contribute and our agent is essential. As a team, we are stronger together.

These are just a few reasons I maintain my membership with the ASASA.

To my fellow Tassie SASR veterans, I actively encourage you to be counted in our ranks. You can choose to be actively involved or not. I believe this benefits us, and it benefits our country.

Let’s have Victoria do the paperwork for us while we support them. It’s a great team on the ASASA (VIC) Committee, so let’s get behind them. In the current environment it is more important than ever that we build genuine connections and promote our SASR values widely for the good of us all.

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